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255 In-line Fuel System

255 In-line Fuel System

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Aces’ 255 In-line Fuel System is a complete gravity-fed fuel delivery kit to provide the proper fuel supply for most aftermarket EFI systems. The system includes the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge, 100-micron pre-filter, 10-micron fuel filter, 20’ of 3/8-inch fuel line, and all necessary fittings! This system is designed to match the power potential of EFI systems that are capable of supporting up to 650 HP Aces’ 255 In-line Fuel System takes the guesswork out of acquiring the correct fuel system components for your EFI-equipped vehicle.

System Features:

  • Complete EFI Fuel System
  • 255 LPH In-line fuel pump
  • Supports EFI applications up 650hp

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