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Deuces Wild 2-bbl EFI

Deuces Wild 2-bbl EFI

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Aces EFI’s Deuces Wild™ EFI system is one of the most advanced throttle body injection (TBI) systems on the market. The Deuces Wild™ utilizes two 100 lb/hr fuel injectors, giving the system the capability of supporting up to 350 horsepower. The system includes the throttle body (with integrated fuel injectors, TPS sensor, MAP sensor, IAT sensor, and stepper motors), wiring harness, WBO2 sensor, ECU, and a 5” touchscreen handheld programmer for easy tuning and monitoring of engine data. 

The Deuces Wild™ system fits most 2300-flange 2-barrel intake manifolds and is designed for easy installation and tuning. For stock to mild applications, the calibration wizard and self-learning features mean advanced tuning knowledge or experience is not required. But for more aggressive or performance oriented applications, Aces offers a full tuning software suite and USB data cable for advanced manual tuning.

Aces designed its throttle body systems with the ECU separate from the throttle body. This alleviates any issues with possible damage to the ECU from unwanted engine heat or vibration. This is a common problem with other “all-in-one” style systems on the market.

Whether you are building a budget beater or a boosted racing car, Aces EFI’s Deuces Wild™ system has the technology and advanced features you need, in an easy-to-install, easy-to-tune package so you can take your ride to the next level!

For timing control, the Deuces Wild™ requires a magnetic pickup or hall effects distributor and separate ignition coil. We recommend our Black Jack Pro™ series distributor and ignition coil for a plug & play experience.

Deuces Wild™ TBI System Features

    • 32-bit software (OEM standard) that manages input/output signals, voltage, and RPM faster and more consistently than competitors
    • 5” full-color touchscreen handheld with built-in GPS speedometer
    • Integrated coil driver for ignition timing control
    • Simple calibration wizard for initial setup- no laptop tuning required.
    • Self-learning fuel table
    • Dual fan control
    • Step retard for nitrous control
    • Boost compatibility (using laptop software)
    • Remote-mounted ECU to avoid common heat/vibration-induced hardware failures
    • 3-bar TMAP sensor for boost & nitrous compatible (using laptop software)
    • Free laptop software available for pro applications
    • Compatible with Aces’ handhelds, dashes, CAN modules, and TCMs.
    • Bosch 4.9 WBO2 sensor
    • (2) 100 lb/hr injectors

    This part is legal for sale and use on Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles.

    The following vehicles are considered Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles:

    • 1965 and older U.S. manufactured California Certified vehicles
    • 1967 and older U.S. manufactured Federally Certified vehicles
    • 1967 and older Foreign manufactured vehicle

    WARNING: It is against the law to install this part on an Emissions Controlled Vehicle

    The following vehicles are considered Emissions Controlled Vehicles:

    • 1966 and newer U.S. manufactured California Certified vehicles
    • 1968 and newer U.S. manufactured Federally Certified vehicles
    • 1968 and newer Foreign manufactured vehicle
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