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Mock-Up Atlas 2 Transfer Case

Mock-Up Atlas 2 Transfer Case

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Introducing the mock-up Atlas 2 transfer case designed for fabricators and buggy builders, eliminating the struggle with heavy cases during mockups! This mock part comprises 9 separate components that seamlessly bolt together using the provided M6 bolts and nuts. Additionally, 3/8 bolts are included for attaching the mock-up case to any adapter mount in use.

Included will be 30 M6 bolts with nuts, and 6 3/8 bolts with nuts for assembly if you choose the "With Hardware" Option. If you choose "Without Hardware" then you will need to provide the associated hardware for assembly.

Crafted from durable, oil-resistant plastic, this mock-up case will be around for a long time in your workshop. The outputs are configured to accommodate a 1350/1410 yoke at the maximum outer diameter and length. It's fully modular, offering options for both driver and passenger drop configurations.

With dimensions within 1/4" of a real Atlas transfer case, it's advised to wait on driveshaft measurements until after installing the actual case to avoid any discrepancies. This is a 3D printed part so tolerance stack ups do happen and this part is not to be used for precise measurements, it is designed to give a good overall view of the size of the case when trying to build around it

The 4 speed options come with the 4 speed spacer AND the 2 speed spacer so it can be used for either configuration.

This mock up case weighs LESS THAN 3lbs!

Please note: Due to the production process, lead times typically range from 2-5 business days, with the possibility of up to 7 business days.

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