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Quick Draw™ Trans Control Module

Quick Draw™ Trans Control Module

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Most people agree that a modern overdrive transmission is a great addition to any hot rod, since it eliminates old kickdown linkages and throttle valve cables while improving fuel economy and durability…but what if your EFI system doesn’t support it, or you are still running a carburetor? Stand alone controllers have been around for years, but they are pricey (easily over $1000 with the proper harness), and may have compatibility issues. ACES now has a reasonably priced option,  the Quick Draw TCM transmission controller for popular GM electronic overdrive transmissions (4L60E, 4L65E, 4L80E, 4L85E), in a version for adding to ACES systems, as well as a stand-alone version that will work with carburetors and other EFI systems! Both use a 32-bit Power Architecture-based microcontroller (MCU) for speed, reliability, and error-resistance not found in most competing units. Since our system communicates with your ACES EFI through CAN bus technology, additional TPS sensors are not needed, and there are no issues with splitting the signal as with many other add-on systems. No additional programmers or displays are needed; just select the proper options on your existing ACES touchscreen! There is a simple calibration wizard that allows you to tune upshifts, downshifts, WOT shift points, line pressure {duty cycle) vs. gear, and torque converter lock up, without the use of a laptop.

If you have a carburetor, or a different EFI system, you can still use our stand-alone transmission controller. A 5” touch screen like the one in ACES EFI kits is included.  Both systems come complete with the Quick Draw TCM module, a main harness, a transmission sub harness, a CAN splitter cable, and additional wires needed for installation. The stand-alone systems also include a VSS extension harness. This system relies on a TPS signal that can be obtained from your existing EFI system, or from an aftermarket add-on TPS system for carbureted applications. 

**Note: For all other aftermarket EFI systems (non-Aces systems), you will need to use a remote TPS signal.**

  • Tune Upshifts, Downshifts and WOT shift points
  • Full programmability of torque converter lockup
  • Full tuning of transmission line pressure (shift firmness)
  • AcesEFI QUICK DRAW™ TCM Features
  • 32-bit Power Architecture® based MCU and others IC drivers’ chips for automotive powertrain applications
  • Strong anti-interference, high stability hardware and software design
  • Works with all Aces EFI system via CAN bus communication
  • For carbureted applications, user must install a TPS sensor
  • Transmission control is suitable for GM 4L60, 4L65, 4L80 or 4L85 transmissions.
  • 5 inch High Resolution Full Color Touchscreen for Initial Setup, Tuning, and Gauge Displays
  • Simple Calibration Wizard - No laptop required.
  • Tune Upshifts, Downshifts and WOT shift points
  • Tune transmission line pressure (Duty cycle) vs. gear
  • Torque converter lockup programmable
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