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Yukon Dana 44/60 Hub Tool

Yukon Dana 44/60 Hub Tool

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Introducing a solution for those stubborn Yukon hubs! Say goodbye to using pliers or wrenches—this tool is designed to effortlessly assist in turning stiff Yukon brand hubs for both Dana 60 and Dana 44 models.

Updated for enhanced durability, these tools feature a reinforced design to prevent breakage, specifically engineered for very stiff Yukon hubs. Furthermore, they're now crafted with a carbon fiber filament for added strength and resilience.

Choose between two sizes:

  • The "Short" tool measures 1" in overall height.
  • The "Standard" tool stands at 2.5" in overall height.

Upgrade your hub-turning experience with these purpose-built tools, ensuring smoother operations without the struggle.

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