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Jeep TJ/LJ Switch Panel

Jeep TJ/LJ Switch Panel

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This switch panel perfectly fits the 03-06 TJ/LJ models, while for other years, a slight modification might be needed by trimming the center of the factory bezel to ensure a seamless fit over the blank panel.

Available in glossy black (standard) or sleek matte carbon fiber finishes!

Choose from a blank panel, 7 rectangular switch holes, or 7 round switch holes. The rectangular switch holes measure 22 x 40.2mm, ideal for standard switches. The round holes are 20.5mm, perfect for 3/4 switches. Additionally, we offer options compatible with Auxbeam BA80/AR-820, Auxbeam RA80 XL, and SPOD touch screens! We can put many other switches and screens in, shoot us a email and see how we can help!

The flat switch area spans 8.75" x 2.25". Reach out to us via Facebook or Email to discuss your custom panel!

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