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TJ/LJ Center Console Bucket Insert 01-06

TJ/LJ Center Console Bucket Insert 01-06

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This upgraded center console bucket offers increased storage capacity, available in various sizes to suit your needs:

  • 100MM deep (4")
  • 100MM deep Subwoofer (4") - specifically designed for use with the factory subwoofer in place
  • 135MM deep (5.25")
  • 160MM deep (6.25")
  • 200MM deep (7.9")
  • 240MM deep (9.5")
  • 240MM deep (9.5") WITH DIVIDER - includes a 4" deep pocket at the front for better item organization.

Crafted from a premium material, these inserts are highly durable and resistant to warping even in high temperatures, ensuring reliability over time.

Remember to select the appropriate depth for your console and ensure compatibility with your specific vehicle model before making your purchase. Upgrade your storage space confidently with these durable inserts.

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